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July 21, 2011

I'm Rambling This Thursday from the Beach

Ahhhh, what a wonderful vacation at the beach we are having!!! I knew I wanted to use this adorable image, called Baby Elvis, because it reminds me of our boys when they were younger playing in the sand. I also made this card for this week's challenge at the Fresh Brewed Blog, Get Wild and include an animal. After all, what could be wilder than a little elephant in red swimming trunks and a sand pail on his head!!!!!!! Don't you love it!!! Post a comment telling about your favorite summer fun memory...and be sure and play along with this week's challenge!

Our month long challenge is still going on, 2 pattern papers, 2 shapes and 2 embellishments. Remember, the month long challenge is a prize challenge, so be sure and play along for your chance at winning something fun from Fresh Brewed Designs.


  1. Oh ... a favorite summer memory? I will just share ONE and share about the time I was young and my mom took my sister, brother and I to the beach. I was literally a walking stick (skinny) and she put pure zinc on us even when I was around 10 (my dds age... man would she NOT have that, lol) I was in the very shallow waves and felt something brush my legs. Talk about starting to dog paddle in water that was honestly too shallow to do so in. I started SCREAMING and freaking out. Mama came running as fast as she could. I was crying and screaming and panicking. Well, the think I thought was a jelly fish or sting ray or SOMETHING ended up being a tee shirt. HAHAHA!!! Mama, and whomever else came to my rescue was very relieved ... then it became funny ... and I probably got mad because I was easily embarrassed, lol. Gotta love it!

    Thank you for this happy post today Linda! I love your sweet card. You're right! What could be wilder! hehehe!!!

    sending happy hugs and smiles.


  2. Hi Linda! What a great card! I'm glad that your having a nice vacation! Hmm, My favorite childhood summer memories are all of camping up in Maine on a Lake. I had the best time with my two sisters and brother. We would catch minnows in buckets and go fishing, ride in my fathers motor boat and collect rocks. We found a really fun fossil rock that I still use today to show my classroom what a fossil is! I loved the big huge breakfasts that my parents would cook on the fire while we listened to the big loons on the lake. It would pour rain every night and be beautiful and sunny every day. Thank you for the trip down memory lane!
    Hugs, Sheryl

  3. How fun! Summer memories!! I remember our trip to the Grand Canyon. We were with my parents and my aunt and uncle. A tarantula crossed the path in front of us and my uncle squashed him SO FAST! I was so MAD because I never saw one before and the "Something Wild" just reminded me of it! That was a great vacation... we drove all the way across America from PA to AZ (to the Canyon) and stopped all kinds of places on the way!
    I love your card colors and that bow flower is SO SO SO awesome!!


  4. What a great summer card. Those colors are just amazing! I love the sand pail on the head! To cute.

    Just back from my camping trip, I hope that your trip to the beach was just as relaxing!

    :) Gale


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