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November 22, 2011

Gobble Gobble - Wobble Wobble

Doesn't that sound like what alot of us will be doing Thursday evening?!?! 
The Turkey Wobble!
I recently heard on our local christian radio station (well, not really local, it is broadcast all over - KLove- you can even listen online!!!) Anyway - they were talking about how a company is talking about adding caffeine to beef jerkey. SO when I was creating this set of cards, of course my thought was
Check out Tom. He is making sure Farmer John isn't going to catch him sleeping
(yes, my farmer is nice and waits until they have no clue!) 
OK I will make myself sick thinking about it and not be able to eat any .. so on with the post!

I created a simple set of Tom Turkey cards to mail out. We all know that embellies and buttons get ripped up in the mail unless we take extra precautions. My precaution for these was not to have any :D 
I thought they were too plain and simple, but my DT Sheryl assured me that they were not... so ... 

But then if you go over to Sheryl's blog you will see some that are not so plain and simple
Just plain -flat out- simply gorgeous!
Check out this card she created using Daniel Indian

WOW!!! I love how she uses her embellies.. and how she finds such pretty and unusual things to add to her card. She really knows her stuff!!! 

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Have a beautiful and blessed day!

1 comment:

  1. such a pretty cards. love them.....
    posted your Cyber Monday badge on my yesterday......
    Whoooo i so hope I can squeeze some moooolah our of my fiance this weekend ......


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