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May 27, 2013

Let's take a stroll....

... down memory lane.

 (be prepared for a very chatty and long post of my thoughts and heart pouring out on this page. It will NOT flow. It will NOT make since in some parts. It will NOT be perfectly worded. It is just me typing and thinking and that is just what it has to be.)

About 5 years back Fresh Brewed Designs opened it's doors with an array of 
simple digital stamps then we moved on to rubber a year later. But before that... when the itch to start designing my own stamps was there but I wasn't brave enough to do it... my friend Carolyn was there. She was there before FBD was even barely a thought. Then after the idea escaped my brain and came out of my mouth, she was there to support, brainstorm, guide, encourage and uplift me through EVERY single big and little obstacle that came my way. Hours and hours, days and weeks, months of talking and researching and stressing ... she was there. She helped me through the 'should I give up moments'. She helped me through the other stuff too. The behind the scenes family stuff. I have been homeschooling as well as trying to run a business. That was a little tougher than I expected. On the days I felt like a terrible mom, she was there to remind me I am a human and it is ok to get upset and make mistakes. She has a huge place in my heart and when I think about her I feel it tugging. She is the sister that God gave me outside of my family. She knows the best and worst of me. 

This year I have somehow distanced myself from so many of my friends and family. I have spent much more time in school with the kids and at their after school activities. My husbands work schedule changed this past summer. I felt myself being sucked into a tunnel and had no way out. I turned into a complainer when I did get the chance to talk. I stayed stressed. Then I  lost communication with so many people, especially this wonderful woman I am speaking of right now. 
Everything has taken a backseat and that is not how I want it to be. I wish I could tear myself in two and be able to do all of the things I want  to, need to do. I feel like I have lost a whole year of things I can never get back but at the same time I have made a year full of memories with my children that I will never forget. I just wish I had been able to talk to my friends and share these things with them the way I wanted to.

So this post is dedicated to friendships. The ones that you know are life long. The ones that you can actually FEEL in your heart. The ones that you know God put together like a unique one of a kind puzzle. 

 When I saw on facebook that she had created these GORGEOUS cards I just knew I had to share them with you. I couldn't just share the cards with you though. I had to share a bit of my heart along with them so you can know a bit about the lady behind these AMAZING pieces of card perfection. 

 First up is her card featuring the :
What is not to love about this card. The colors are so soft and sweet. 
I adore the eyelet lace trim. The sweet gingham and floral papers ...
Melts my heart!

Next up is this SWEET and GORGEOUS card featuring
This card has such a clean and simple layout. 
Her image is perfectly and carefully cut out. 
I absolutely Love the soft colors and the sweet satin bow, 
but I have to say that  my most favorite part of this card is the sentiment. 
How amazing is that?
THIS CARD makes me smile all over my face. 

How's that for inspiration?
I think she deserves a standing ovation, don't you?

Thank you, Carolyn, for allowing me to share your talent with everyone. 
I was so shocked and stoked ;) to see your cards yesterday. 
You always set the bar so high. I have always said
I want to make cards like you when I grow up!

Sending big hugs and lots of love -

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  1. Heather, this is such a wonderful and heartfelt post about your dear friend, Carolyn, and how she helped inspire you to start Fresh Brewed Designs.
    And Carolyn, WOW! Your cards are GORGEOUS! I just love everything about them! Thank you for sharing and inspiring us with your amazing talent!
    Hugs, Sheryl

  2. You made me smile Heather reading your post, so heartfelt indeed. Those cards Carolyn created are beyond words beautiful! Every little detail screams perfection. Love 'em!!


  3. I think we all feel your struggle, Heather. There are so many demands upon our time and energy....many are ones we have chosen, like homeschooling, but they are still very real. We homeschooled our kids all the way through and will never regret one moment of it. However, that lifestyle choice was one that dominated many other choices in our family's life. I love what you are doing on your blog here and I love your tribute to your dear friend, Carolyn, and her gorgeous creations!! With the Lord's help and guidance, you will find the right balance. Hugs.

  4. what a sweet wonderful story and Carolyn's cards are beeeeeaUtiful! I'm a fan of her work- and she is, in deed, a wonderful person. :)

  5. What a wonderful tribute to someone who obviously has a very important place in your heart. It doesn't matter whether things are perfectly worded, you are opening up your heart and sharing a piece of yourself with us (besides, there was nothing wrong with your writing, it was great). I'm so glad that you have Carolyn in your life and many others just like her. It doesn't matter how much time goes by, those true friend that you were talking about, the ones who know you and love you for who you are, will always be there. Though you may walk down different paths right now, you'll meet again once they converge. God put them in your pathway, he won't take them away that easily.

    Carolyn's work truly is something special. Thanks for sharing them and a little piece of you with all of us.



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