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June 9, 2013

Sunday Inspiration

When An'Jenic came to me with this project, I fell in love. 
What a touching, heartfelt work of art she created. 
This prayer journal is something that I felt should be featured all alone
rather than on a Saturday post because she went into so much detail, sharing
one small photo of this set would not be enough!
My mistake was that I was supposed to share it with you last Sunday, 
and my brain just wasn't working with my body.
Forgive me for that!

Here it is:

Isn't this just amazing? 
It makes me happy just looking at all of these  beautiful pages.
I hope you enjoy this project and that it inspires you to create one of your very own
or just to get a plain notebook and start a prayer journal.
Prayer is so important. It is powerful, it is calming, it is what keeps us connected to God
and keeps us walking closer to Him. We can't have a relationship with Him without praying
and seeking his will in our lives.

You can find all of the images An'Jenic used to create her prayer journal 

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~~~Have a happy and blessed day~~~


  1. This is BEAUTIFUL! Great job AJ!!!!

  2. Wow! Your prayer journal is terrific. I love it. Thanks for sharing it with us. Edwina Brown

  3. fabulous idea. inspiring and gorgeous. :)

  4. Wow! What a lovely idea. Not only a wonderful journal for AJ but something she can pass on to her children and grandchildren.


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