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January 30, 2015

So hard to say goodbye....

OK, sooooo I HATE that I am writing this post.
Every inch of my body is just going NOOOOO!!!
{{ Cringe and sad face all at once }}

It is time to say goodbye to a few of our 
FBD Design Team members. 
These ladies have been by my side and worked so hard for me.
I love each and every one of them.
They make me smile.
Encourage me. 
Lift me up. 
Pray for me.
Listen to me whine. 
Put up with my mistakes and scatterbrained days. 
They are SO MUCH MORE than just DT member. 
They are my friends. 

I feel that it is time to let them move on and to expand on their own 
creative needs. Some are starting their own challenge blogs and others are busy designing for several other companies and challenge blogs. Everyone busy and happy and loving what they are doing. 
That makes me happy!!! But I am still sad to see them go.
I am also chainging things this year at FBD. It may take some time, but things are in the works and
I am in the planning stages. It was not fair to keep EVERYONE just hanging in limbo while this went on.

So, as hard as it is, please join me in wishing a happy {sad} farewell to our beloved
FBD Designers:

Lisa and Edwina created a project for their farewell post.

HONEY BUNNY Digital Stamp

and MAILBOX  Digital Stamps

THANK YOU ALL for being there for me and for being such wonderful friends. 
I could never begin to explain how blessed I am to know you and hope that you will all
keep in touch and know that I am here for you ALWAYS!!!

(now for a bit of just gab and 'typing' out loud (instead of thinking out loud) lol!

Fresh Brewed Designs has been open for a few years now.
We started out small with just a few digis, a few friends, and a dream. 
It was NOT EASY!
 I am not very computer savvy. 
My friends had to help and put up with a LOT
of phone calls, emails, and researching things for and with me. 
We finally got started and  then moved on to bigger things. 
MORE research and planning and stressing and phone calls. 
I finally took a big step and began creating red rubber stamps. 
I began sponsoring challenges and  hosting my own challenges. 
I had my first DT! 
 It was (is) so much fun meeting and sharing 
our creativity with so many others. I am so blessed by all who 
stop by and say hello, play in our challenges, email, and join our events. 
My customers mean SO much to me. They are not just customers, but fast friends. 
I sometimes regret not having the instant downloads on my site, but then
LOVE being able to personally email the images to my customers and have
that relationship with them. 
All of that being said, 2015 is going to be one of those "wait, what?" years for FBD.
We are looking forward and I am doing research and trying to figure out how to change things up
and what I want to do at FBD. I am also homeschooling, keeping a home, cooking and all that stuff, and spending over 15 hours a week at my kids dance studio. We have competitions coming up .. 
That means extra practices, helping paint and make props ... 
You name it. 
We are doing it. 
So please have patience with us (ME) as we get through the next few months and prepare for
bigger and better things at Fresh Brewed Designs. 

Thank you for stopping by and visiting with us today.

Big hugs and smiles, 


  1. It was so nice to work with all of are all great ladies, and I hope to continue to see you all around!!

  2. All of you are so very talented and you certainly have a lot of creative mojo to share! I wish all of you the very best with your future, crafty endeavors! I look forward to seeing more of your inspiring work in blogland!
    Big Warm Hugs!

  3. Such a sad goodbye to wonderful teamies. Wishing you all the best with your future endeavours but I am sure we will keep in touch here in blog land xxx
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  4. Thanks Heather! It is definitely a difficult and sad goodbye but in truth I'm not really going anywhere. Just shifting roles I guess. It has been an honour and a pleasure to be part of FBD these last (almost) two years.

    Best of luck with figuring out the future direction of FBD. You know I'll be here to support you, regardless of what happens.


  5. Good luck Heather and the Design Team Members. Your challenge themes and inspirations will be missed. Life gets chaotic at times and we have to make sacrifices. Spending time with family and loved ones always comes first. Best wishes to you all...Wendy aka Paper Whims

  6. oh wow. i haven't been by in a while. what a surprise! wishing you all the very best and look forward to the new adventures for fBD. <3


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