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September 6, 2011

and the beat goes on.... 2....

The HOP is TWO days away!!
Can you tell we're a little excited about all the new rubbah stamps?

You'll definitely want to Bookmark the Fresh Brewed Blog Thursday!!!


Isn't that funny?

Speaking of Bookmarks.....

A+ Bug, Fresh Brewed Designs Shop

Here's a little bookmark I wanted to share!!

I made it for the challenge this week 
"Back to School with Visible ABC-123"

There's still a day left to play in this one, 
before a new one starts tomorrow!

I have made a bunch of these and for some reason
they disappear so quickly!

I think the kids are giving them to friends!

I posted a picture of this in our Group at The Crafter's Cafe and everyone is asking how I made that pattern.

It's called a "cut-line"... basically, V-shaped cuts, 
centered and lined up, then folded them into each other.
It's much easier to do than to explain! 
This is an example I found online created by Penny Duncan.

So now you know and you feel inspired to make one, right?

That's our job, here at Fresh Brewed!

To give you fresh new ideas that inspire you to create!!

Just WAIT until you see how Heather has inspired 
OUR team to create!!

This week's Release is the biggest one ever 
and it's AMAZING!!!


  1. Oh, how cute! Love that little bug, and the cut line folds are too cool! No wonder the bookmarks keep disappearing......who wouldn't want one?!

  2. such a great bookmark I love it.

  3. I read this post... how did I forget to comment?!?! I LOVE the bookmark. The cut line is fabulous!!! I am glad you had an example to share!!!

    So cute the boys are stealing all of your bookmarks and handing them out :)

    LOTs of hugs!


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