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October 20, 2011

Open if you Dare

And if you open, you will find "Spooky Halloween Wishes" tucked inside. I've gotta admit though, I have a hard time getting past this Lollipop Monster because he's just so darn cute!!! And it's not everyday I call a monster cute but I love the three monsters Heather released a few weeks ago. Check 'em all out HERE, and add them to your collection today! Not only are they hot off the press and super adorable, but they are also on sale!!! Now if you would like more details on my card, please visit my blog, The Stamper's Touch.

Just a bit of rambling for today, had some wonderful friends over yesterday and we made Christmas cards. Talk about fun!!! We have a nice collection of flat mailable cards. Today I plan on heading out and buying a new phone...I'll let you know how that goes!!!! Enjoy your Thursday.


  1. oh wow I love this card... sooooooocute.

  2. OK, so I clicked the 'want coffee' and 'want to create' tabs under this post because HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT TO CREATE AFTER LOOKING AT THIS SWEETIE OF A CARD! and your making cards yesterday and running around today makes me want a little extra coffee in hopes it gives you the boost you need for the day :) hehehe!!

    Gorgeous and so super fun Linda!!!
    LOVE this card!

  3. sooooooooo cute! and yes, i do want to open the door with that cute monster holding candy standing there! ;) love the glossy/dimension added to the teeth, candy and spider. :)

  4. LOL. made me smile as soon as I saw it! He is just so cute!

    :) Gale

  5. Awesome card! I just love this little monster! What a great card, Linda! I love the green mesh!
    Warm Hugs, Sheryl


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