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October 15, 2010

**Important** FBD email issues

Many of my friends emails have been hacked into and I have let them know through alternate emails or in a group setting. They changed their password and all was fine. Now, My freshbreweddesigns yahoo account has been compromised. I can no longer access this account. Someone has broken into it and has changed my password among other things making it appear impossible for me to get into it. I have contacted yahoo several times, with no luck. PLEASE do not email me at the until I say otherwise. In turn, please do not open any emails sent to you through that account. It is not from me and I would not want you to receive spam on my account. Forgive me if I have caused you any problems.

there has been no hope in sight for my old email address. sniff. I am offering a special on my newest images since I am unable to add them to the shop at the moment.

Due to my issues with my old email **sniff**, I will not be adding the newest images to the shop until sometime next week. I am giving you all a special price on these new and old images in one limited time set. If you are interested in
purchasing the set of 16 images for $30
(saving you $18) or any single images at $3, please email me at my new email

set includes:

1 Candy Corn Pirate and Ballerina

2 Candy Corn Yummy

3 Candy Corn Spider Girl

4 Candy Corn Spooked

5 Candy Corn Trick or Treat

6 Dr. Corn Mad Scientist

7 Frankencorn

8 Bride of Frankencorn

9 EEEk the Candy Corn bat

10 The Corny Family

11 The Sweetest Mummy

12 PumpCorn

13 Candy corn Tower

14 Mr. Corn

15 Mrs. Corn

16 Just Say No

Thanks so much. I cant wait to see what you think of the new Candy Corn images

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