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June 27, 2011

it must be MONDAY!!!

Hi everyone. This is sortof a 'test' post. I do have a card to share with you though, so this visit will not be pointless for you :D (I hope;) )

This card is featuring the rubber stamp: E(spresso) Mail (which is on sale for just two more days!!!). I think I spend half of my life on the computer checking on my friends and doing things like this :D and I love it. Maybe that is why E(spresso) Mail makes me happy.
You can read more about this card and the materials I used at my blog :
Heather's Coffee Break

What am I testing you ask? Well, when I came to visit this morning I see that you are only able to view ONE blog post. You have to click older posts to see more ??? What gives ??? I checked my settings and it is set up to show 5 posts on the homepage. I am testing to see if this one is the only one it shows when I hit post or if it corrects the problem. Fingers crossed!!!

See you Wednesday with the next Freshly Brewed Challenge. (**Remember** you only have one more week to get in on the month long prize challenge!!!)


  1. ACK!!!! It still did not work!!!
    Any tips or ideas?? HELP!!!!!

  2. It looks like we are doing the same thing.. checking email and drinking coffee. I don't have a cupcake, tho', but I did have a few little chocolate donettes! Love the card! As for your test... I'm not having that issue so I'm not much help trouble shooting. Big hugs!

  3. have you got it to show 5 posts or 5 days? there are different options available.
    kathleen mc x

  4. mmmmmmm I can only see two, and sorry no ideas to help you
    Kate x


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