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December 22, 2011

Fun in the Sun or Snow?

We have been talking about weather here at FBD, so I thought I would continue with the theme.
Some of us are experiencing warmer weather than usual for Christmas time, and some of us are getting snow already. This post is for all of you

First off, Vanessa captured the best part of the wintery cold with this DARLING little snow globe using the digital stamp: We Can Build a Snowman
What a fun and adorable idea! As adults we think of the icky parts of snow.. like the not being able to go anywhere, power outage possibilities, cold icky wet, shoveling and all of the other stuff that comes with it. Kids.. well, kids see it as magic. The beautiful sparkly white blanket that covers the ground. So pretty you don't want to walk through it. They see snowmen, angels, dancing snow fairies falling to the ground, sledding ... all of the magic that comes with it.

Now, where I am, it has been just the opposite. My kids would LOVE to see snow right now, however, the closest thing they will see to a snowman is.. a sandman!
This card was created using the Fresh Brewed Designs rubber stamps: Beach Bums and Palm Tree
I masked our lovely lady off, stamped the tree behind her and hand drew the rest of the sand / ocean scene. It may not be bikini weather, but it is pretty darn close!
So, whatever weather you are having wherever you are, enjoy it to the best of your ability and have a beautiful Christmas with your family and friends.

LOTs of HUGs and SMILEs
The Fresh Brewed Designs Team


  1. Love love the snow globe,.....
    I am right there with you the weather here is so hot as well. I love love love your card.....

  2. Love the sandman! Too cute. Great idea Heather.
    I'll take the beach over the snow anyday!

    The building a snowman digi is perfect for the snowglobe!

    :) Gale

  3. WOWZA, would you look at these two projects!!!!! They are both fabulous, wonderful, and so imaginative!!! I love 'em!


  4. Love the snow globe - a wonderful idea!!

    Your card is fun!!

    Blessings and Hugs!!


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