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July 30, 2012

Beach Bums + fake washi tape ...  afternoon.
It has been rainy and messy the past few days.. which is fine. 
We need the rain and I really wanted an excuse to stay home today. 
I have had a super busy weekend leaving me little time to create. 
That is why you are getting this post SUPER LATE and I hope you will forgive me for that. 

This card features the Fresh Brewed Designs rubber stamp: Beach Bums. 
She is sassy and fun and loves summertime (when it is not raining that is :) 

I have been seeing the washi tape (like a printed masking tape)  on so many projects as well as in some really fun packages my friend has sent me recently. I have not been able to purchase any of my own, so I looked up tutorials. People have used various things from paper to tissue paper for theirs. I like the see through quality the washi tape has... so the paper is too thick for me.. and I did not have any tissue paper that was thin .... so I found the next best thing! A pack of printed napkins from my daughters birthday part that had never been opened. I thought the dots resembled bubbles well enough.
 Here is what I did to create my washi tape:

First, since this napkin was two ply, I  removed the white napkin underneath

Next I laid the napkin flat, print side down. I took strips of double sided tape, 
cut them to the length I wanted, and laid them carefully over the print I desired my tape to be. 

After that I carefully cut around the tape with my fussy cutting scissors and voila!
 My own (fake) washi tape.

The real stuff is much prettier, no doubt, but this will do in a pinch! :) 

I want remind you know that we are having a DIGI RELEASE THIS WEDNESDAY!
We are also having a DIGI RELEASE PARTY on facebook. 
If you want to attend, join our group HERE then click on the events tab to join our party.
One person will be going home with 5 NEW DIGIS!!! Hope to see you there!


  1. Wow, that is easy enough. Will have to go searching through my collection of old napkins that are just taking up space. Thank you!!!!

  2. Gorgeous card Heather! And you clever girl using the napkins to make your washi tape!! Have been meaning to make some of my own too with the tissue papers and stamps.


  3. What a fun idea - super creative you are!


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