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April 3, 2012

Thanks Dad!

Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone! I wanted to share a card that I knew I would make from the moment I saw this sweet image. Say hello to Grace in the Garden, and you too can find her HERE. You see, I think Heather is locked onto my wave length sometimes and knows more things about me then she lets on! Like how my Dad keeps a large garden going at 84, filled with his pride and joy, the tomato plants. He grows other vegetables, but it's the tomatoes that he is most proud of. He always has such an abundant crop, and gets a warm and fuzzy feeling inside when he gets to share. I always get several boxes of them so I can make juice and eat tomato sandwiches (okay, now I'm hungry). So here's the card I'll be sending to Dad to say "Thank You" for all the yummy home grown tomatoes.

Well enough about me, tomorrow starts our new month long prize challenge so I hope you can play along. The winner from March will be announced tomorrow too, so be there!


  1. well dear Linda, you must be locked into my wave lengh too because we are starting our garden TODAY!!! My mom and dad are coming over... daddy actually came and tilled my small (but big enough for us) space yesterday. AND my most WANTED thing to plant... tomatoes. If everything else died and the tomatoes did well, I would be happy. Thus far, my first year was GREAT!!! and the last two I have not done well. Tell him I need a few tomato growing secrets :))

    ADORABLE card Linda! I know your daddy will love and appreciate it.


  2. awww such an adorable card. toooo cute.

  3. so so cute!! Love the card and the story that went along with it!

  4. Oh this is just too cute! I love it!




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