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June 20, 2014

June New Releases: The New Cutie Bugs Have Arrived!

In case you missed it, Monday, June 16th, saw the release of a whole new line of Cutie Bugs. You are definitely going to want to catch up with what they have been up to!

Let's check them out...
Cutie Bug Love
Apparently love is in the air. It is spring after all and bugs are not exempt from Cupid's arrow. Don't these two look like they are meant to be? We'll just have to see what the fates have in store for them.

Cutie Bug Sad
Awww. Look at that sad little face. This bug has met up with a little misfortune and like us, when bad things happen, he gets sad too. Maybe some of the other bugs will band together to create a card to help cheer him up!

Cutie Bug Sparkler
I just love sparklers, don't you? Apparently this little guy loves them too. He's all set for his country's July 4th celebration coming up very soon (he was born in the States after all). He also plans to check out the fireworks planned in his community. Seems we have a bit of a fire bug on our hands.

 Cutie Bug Flag
Talking about the Independence Day celebration in the US, this particular Cutie Bug is showing us his patriotism as he practices with his flag. He is going to be leading the local parade and is thrilled to bits. Just as I am very proud of the country I live in, so is he, of the one he lives in.

Cutie Bug Snorkel 
Looks like someone is having fun in the sun. This little bug has spent all day combing the reef for new and wonderful treasures. So far he has just found a starfish but the there is still time yet to find something unique that has been spit up by the depths of the sea.

 Cutie Bug Floats
I don't know about you, but where I live we've gone from winter to summer in the blink of an eye. This Cutie Bug definitely has the right idea. A relaxing float in the pool sounds like a great idea to me. Add a strawberry daiquiri to the mix and I'll be there momentarily.

Cutie Bug Watermelon
For many people, nothing says summer like watermelon. It is no different for this little guy. Although, it might take him a while to get through this slice, it is almost as big as he is!

 Cutie Bug Gift
Surprise! What a sweet little gift this Cutie Bug makes. The perfect present for any occasion!

Cutie Bug Luau
It is Luau night over at the Bugland Review. This sweet little bug is all set to take first prize with her traditional grass skirt and lei in the costume contest. Additionally, she's been practising her hula dance all week and is all set for that contest too. Wish her luck!

Cutie Bug Marry Me
Well! It seems that the fates work pretty fast indeed. When we started today's post these two had just fallen in love and now they are getting engaged! Of course, if you consider the lifespan of most bugs is just a few months long, then I suppose they'd need to live out life's events in a hurry. At least these guys aren't Mayflies or they'd be gone in just a few days. Let's wish them the best, shall we? Perhaps there might be a baby bug or 100 in their future?!

There is one more to add to the bunch, the one that I got to work with for my creation. So, let me introduce you to...
Cutie Bug Yawns
Oh my goodness. Isn't he just the sweetest thing! I mean, come on, look at those adorable little bunny slippers and you just know he has had that blankie for a while. Now this is a bed bug you could live with!

Even if you are not a fan of bugs (like myself), you have to admit that these little guys are beyond cute and would be perfect for so many different types of cards and other kinds of projects. Be sure to go and check them out in the Fresh Brewed Designs store. You can find all the new bugs HERE. Surely, one of them will manage to fly into your cart!

Well, that is it for this one. Here's wishing you only have to deal with cute bugs in real life too! Have a great weekend all!

Until next time,


  1. HEHEHE!!! What a fun write up, Lisa! You always leave me smiling with your fun stories about each digi!

  2. OMG these are ALL SO cute and the stories behind each creation made my mind wonder. Great job Lisa!
    However, I'm surprised there's not a GARDEN Cutie Bug after all, every time I'm gardening there are always plenty of bugs there to help. LOL! Thanks for the fun and creative post!

  3. aw. you really brought those cute little images to life! so cute! i couldn't possibly pick a favorite! :)


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